Why Hello Darling!

First and Foremost let me say Thank you for stopping by, for supporting my journey, and for reading this post. My hope is that it will encourage you, will inspire you, will give you hope and faith on your own life journey.

At this point you are probably wondering who I am, what this girl is all about and why the heck am I reading her blog, or perhaps you know me on the surface, but have no idea who I am at my core. I can tell you that after reading some of my blogs you are about to know me on a whole other level. You will know my strengths, my weaknesses, my scars, my vulnerabilities and all the weird stories that happen in my day to day life (people often tell me I should write a book with all my tales). To be honest I probably share too much of my journey, but I have always said that if I can impact or inspire just one person than I have done my job. 

I want to be able to meet you exactly where you are in your life on your journey, and I hope to be able to relate to your struggles, hardships, your joy and successes. We are humans, we are all flawed and a bit broke, and I think broken is beautiful.

So my name is Michelle Apples and I am a multi-dimensional, Jesus Loving, Quirky, Fierce and Feisty woman with a heart to serve and love to share. I am a former pageant contestant, I am smitten with old movies, you can always find me at brunch, engaging in outdoor activities & discovering new places.

I believe in creating providence, doing the hard work, and living a radical life. I believe that confidence comes from getting to know yourself, and being empathetic for others. I believe sharing vulnerability allows room for other people to feel safe.

+ I desire to do everything with grace & gumption.

-Michelle Apples
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