I took a much needed weekend away to a place I have never been, I got to explore and adventure new territory, and I have to say I was shocked to learn how much I really adored Halifax and everything it stood for.

I never imagined I would ever go to Halifax and the beauty and quaintness of the city was delightful. I went on a bustling weekend as the HMS Queen Elizabeth which is a 65-thousand-tonne warship — the biggest ever built for the Royal Navy was docked for the weekend. The city was filled with energy, english chants, and drunken sailors LOL which made the weekend just that much more surprising.

If you don’t know what Halifax is  known for or where it is, Halifax is one of only three Canadian maritime provinces located on the North Atlantic Coast of North America. Famous for its coastline views, seafood galore and natural landscapes and it did not disappoint it’s reputation.

If you are looking for a place to visit, check out these fun things to do: 
#1: Walk along the waterfront in downtown Halifax
Not Surprising  that one of my favourite things to do was to walk along the boardwalk along the water. There is something about being near a body of water that has always relaxed me, made me feel calm, and given me clarity, plus the stunning views are hard to beat. 

#2 Take a Roadtrip around the coast visiting scenic places like Prospect Point, Peggys Cove, Chester, Mahone Bay and Lunenburg.
On Saturday we rented a car and took a roadtrip along the coastline to a few of the small little village towns near Halifax and they were stunning and unlike anything I have ever seen before. The natural landscapes looked like only something you would see in movies and it made me think of packing all my stuff and moving to these remote little villages (although after about a week knowing me I would for sure go stir crazy).
#3: Enjoy the view from the Citadel Hill 
The one thing I love about the East coast compared to the West is that there is so much history here, so much Canadian pride and you learn so much more about Canada than I ever did in the west coast, and Halifax was no different. Enjoy the tour of Citadel Hill and take in the city landscape at the same time.

#4 Enjoy the Live Music and Flowers at Halifax Public Gardens
On Sunday we took a stroll to the Halifax Public Gardens and at first I def did an eye roll because I have never been a gardener, never will be a gardener and so it was not my first choice of places to go check out, but I was SO happy I did and it was probably one of my favourite places from the trip. With sights that resembled a mini Central Park (lagoons and boat races like you would see in the movies), live music under the bandstand and historic fountains that have the most exquisite detail to them this place was a must see.

#5 Take a Stroll to the Farmers Market
Who doesn’t love a good Farmers Market. Every Saturday and Sunday the Halifax Farmers Market is one you need to see. Vendors from all over come to display home made goods and supporting locals is always a good idea. From jewellery to paintings, to fresh apple juice, to fresh fruit and veggies you can find it all at the Farmers Market.

#6 Grab A Drink at an Outdoor Patio
During the summer months Halifax has what they call “The Beer Garden” which is an outdoor patio set up on the Harbour Front where you can enjoy the sunshine, the smell of the ocean and some local brews. Sunday afternoon we sat out in the sunshine and shared a local cider chatting with other tourists and taking in the views.

#7 Live Music on Argyle Street
I LOVE LIVE MUSIC (hence why Nashville is my favourite place ever) and this place reminded me so much of the Nashville music scene with every bar or Pub there was a band playing live music. Singing along to classics or dancing to the beat of my own drum (and trying to keep the beat of the music) was such a blast!!

#8 Mac and Cheese Festival (or one of the many other waterfront festivals)
OKKK A Mac and Cheese Festival- What is this place! It is one of my favourite childhood meals and the mac and cheese festival had quite the spin on your good ol classic Mac + Cheese. I had a grill cheese sandwich stuffed with Mac and Cheese and it was delicious

All in all it was such an incredible trip, an incredible experience and the cities relaxing vibes was just what I needed before coming back to the hustle and bustle of the city!

Have you ever been to Halifax? What was your favourite thing to do?

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