Fun Fact Friday
“Dating Facts”
1.) The best dates I ever went on this guy picked me up in this really old school limo, took me and diesel up to Whistler where he owned a restaurant and the entire date was just a series of “is this real life”

Also a tie between that and a guy telling me to show up in all white and going to #DEBVan (back when I didn’t know what Dinner En Blanc was). It doesn’t matter on how extravagant the date is, but I love when people are intentional about dating and put well thought out effort into it.

2.) I’ve been in a season of singleness for the last four years and I am loving it! (besides the odd dating someone that only lasted a few weeks- I don’t count those). I fell hard for my last ex- I really thought he was the one, until he wasn’t the one  (I’m sure you’ve all been there a time or two). I would love to meet someone, but until someone comes into my life that enhances and adds value to it then I am really happy being single.

3.) I grew up with no dad, or no father figure. My mom raised up three women herself. I grew up disliking men for a huge part of my life. It’s taken a lot of self work to get past that.

4.) My first kiss was the worst thing I ever experienced and I was literally terrified to be kissed again after that-> if it was suppose to be like that then I never wanted to kiss another person again (thankfully kissing is actually really fun with the right person).

5.) The first time I fell in love was when I was in high-school (although both our parents were very Christian and didn’t even let us go on dates + some of our dates were going to church  ) but it was pretty magical having a best friend and a partner who kept me out of all sorts of trouble in a time of my life that it would have been so easy to get into trouble. It was bitter sweet. I was probably the worst gf in the world tho (again daddy issues lol) -> I’ve learned a lot since those days.

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