To have a true companion for a full decade is rare these days but not when it comes to furry companions.

Want to wish my little bear a Happy 10th Bday!

5 Fun Facts About Diesel Macaroni:

1.) I bought him as a Christmas gift to myself. I saw a photo of him and instantly knew I had to have him. At the time I was living in college dorms (which obviously didn’t allow pets) so I moved out of my dorm so I could have him. I knew we were meant to be.

2.) I named him Diesel Macaroni because:
A.) He was less then 2 lbs when I got him and knew he needed a big dog name
B.) I was watching the Christmas movie Fred Claus (Go Figure) and there was this little kid in the movie who was like I want a puppy for Christmas Imma name him Macaroni and I laughed so hard and knew Diesel was now Diesel Macaroni for life.

3.) Diesel is sooo protective over me, so he hates men. Men are not allowed in my house cause he is fierce, but every man tries to challenge me on this (**eye roll) saying that they are the exception. (Ya okk!) the moment that happens I am done for.

4.) He has the most amazing personality. He loves to snuggle, he is protective, loves to sleep, is fierce but also so needy. He could sleep all day or hike all day (he’s adaptable) He has been on some of the hardest hikes/runs with me.

5.) He loves Christmas as much as me, but hates the Christmas sweaters I try to put on him. LOL

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