What does it mean to start over. To move away and on. To sell everything you have ever owned and rid yourself of the past? Does it mean a fresh new beginning or does it mean a loss. A loss of identity, a loss of materialistic objects, a loss of money, a loss of community, a loss of friendships, and a loss of your comfort zone.
    When you let go of things that have tied you down you make room to live more intentionally, to gain a sense of humility, to completely start fresh in life and live a life that is more meaningful. 

   I knew that once I arrived it wouldn’t be easy, but in fact growth is never easy and if you are feeling too comfortable then you probably aren’t growing and have been stagnant for far too long.

What are you holding on to in your life that you no longer need? I challenge you to make space for new territory. Cleanse your life and find room for the new.

Damien Gillis

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