Five Fun Fact Friday

1 .) When I was young Jerry Springer once called my house and wanted us to be on a family episode (and you thought you had family drama)

2.) I have a fear of water – Someone tried to drown me as a kid *cough cough (evil step brother) and although one of my favourite places to be is out on the water (boating, kayaking) I actually am petrified of it. (And i def cannot swim)

3.) At one point in my life I had 3 step brothers and I have two real sisters -> we were all around the same ages and people called us the Brady Bunch.

4.) Remember that hot teacher off the movie Never been kissed with Drew Barrymore-> met him on two occasions and he asked me out both times and then both times decided I was too young for him. I for sure thought it was fate + meant to be because what are the odds of meeting him twice  (oh my young naive heart)

5.) My favourite city to travel is Nashville and I typically go once a year -> country music, southern drawls, + the best friends a girl could ever have. I would move there in a heart beat (and yes I go there searching for a husband so that moving to Nashville can become a reality).

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