I have a few incredible partnerships with some companies I adore.
Check out the discount links below

For Health + Wellness: 
Foundation Physiotherapy
If you are in Toronto and seek a physiotherapist or massage therapist
I see Victoria (for physio) + Micheal (for massage) at Foundation Physiotherapy
Use Code: Apples15

For Skincare:
Riversol Skincare
My Favourite: Daily Moisturizing Cream. Now that Winter is coming and going through airports all the time my skin is so dry. I use this product in the morning when I first wake up and before I go to sleep.
Get Your Free sample here: https://www.riversol.com/products/sample-kit?ref=114

Or You can
Shop link: https://www.riversol.com/collections/all?ref=114
+ get 15% off with the promo code: APPLES15

Midnight Paloma
My Favourite: The Midnight Paloma Detox Mask which is a 10 minute “reset” for your skin. The charcoal and rose petal work together to completely detoxify, refresh, and brighten your skin.
Get Your Free sample here: https://midnightpaloma.com/pages/detoxmask?aff=50

Shop link: https://midnightpaloma.com/collections/all?aff=50
USE 15% off promo code: APPLES15 

For Holiday Shopping: 
AMAZON Shop: https://www.amazon.ca/shop/michelleapples

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